Bridging Finance Companies

7. Bridging Finance Companies

To find out about bridging finance companies and bridging finance loans contact us or you can do a search for local banks and lenders in your area and they can help you with any questions you may have. You want to ensure that you can afford to go from one property to the next whether you’re taking out a personal loan for your home for the first time purchase, or whether or not you’re flipping a property in hopes of getting one at the auction that you can quickly make repairs on and sell. Even if you are commercial real estate agent who is buying a series of properties that you want to then turn around and sell, finding a bridging finance company can help to provide short-term loans when you need them.

For Your Long Term Obligations

With the right bridging finance company you can help to restructure your existing debt. For example, you can pay off old that and then focus on a new loan or bridging finance loans can help you by providing you with working capital and equity that you can use and apply to different purchases that you want to make. A classic example of a bridge loan, and how this can help you to assess whether this is right for you, would be if you were to purchase a new home. Let’s just say that your new home that you’re ready to purchase is on the market and you want to purchase it now before another buyer has the opportunity to offer a price but at the same time, you’re waiting for your current house to be sold. A bridge loan is something that you can use you can purchase it for your new residence. It as a way to make a down payment and then when you sell your old house, you can use the money to pay back your loan. in this manner you can take out literally a form of equity that will help you to get out of the current home and use it as a down, payment, hence, bridging the gap.

What Are The Benefits to Having Bridge Finance Loans?

Bridge finance loan companies offer a type of loan that is easier to secure at times because a longer loan when it’s more traditional, may take longer for the bank to discuss, you may need a higher credit score, with borrowers you may need additional collateral, and you have to research who is going to be your lender and how the terms will be set up. Once you see that bridge finance is an easier option, you should speak with a representative to help you prepare your paperwork. Sometimes you can get approvals the same day or find out right away which is just the opposite of a larger loan because these are smaller loans taken out for a smaller amount of time. You can target a particular bank and get a bridging finance loan in a quicker amount of time a shorter amount of time.

How Soon Will I Get an Answer?

Because we understand that your individual needs may be different in someone else’s, we set up our bridging lines with easy to complete processes and same day pay outs. You can get an answer right away! That’s a great benefit especially when you need money and you need an answer quickly. Maybe you have a business that has been having problems and you need a small installment payment loan to help you in between selling a property and when purchasing another one. The bridge in finance loan you can get an answer right away and the cash flow will help you have the extra money that you need for your business because we know that when you sell a property sometimes it can take 3 months or longer before it closes and goes into settlement. You may need that money sooner and that’s why we’re here to help. Keep this in mind when you sell your house because as you have definitely already made the purchase you can use a bridging finance loan to give you the extra cash that you need on your new place while you’re waiting for your funds to settle on the old house or apartment that you just sold.