Business Bridging Finance

10. Business Bridging Finance

Maybe you have a company that just needs a little help and you want to set up something like buy new equipment for your office, or maybe you want to hire new staff because you need temporary staff for a big project coming up. You know your company is successful and you want to maintain that. You’re going to need help but you know if you have the right people or equipment in place, this will help to secure the deal for your firm and increase your business and valuation. That’s where you get a business bridging finance loan.

Business bridging finance loans are great way to get the money that you need for your company. By applying for one you can let us know what your needs are for your business and we can help your business to grow. Maybe you know that you’re getting ready to secure a new deal but you still need a few things in place. Let us know if we can help set up a payment plan for you and rates for you that will guarantee you’ll be able to have the money that you need and allocate it accordingly.

It’s My Business and I Want it to Grow

In business sometimes there are no guarantees and that happens on a daily basis. Maybe you’re a startup company and you’ve just gone from having the basic needs met for your firm to a place where you’re just starting to grow. Maybe you know that if you have one big client, that if you get the proper equipment in place, like maybe you need new printers, faxes, new computer equipment and things that will push your business to the next level, that’s where a business bridging finance loan can come in for you.

Another example could be a company that places orders online for other to sell products. In managing their merchandise if you don’t have in place all the features and equipment that you need and all the parts and materials for the different products that you sell, this can hinder your business or slow down orders. With a business bridging finance loan you can order all those extra parts, stock up on inventory and have everything in place to make sure that when your orders come in, you’re able to fulfill those orders for your clients.

A business bridging finance loan is insurance that you have money allocated to you that’s there when and where you need it. The benefit to having this type of loan is to ensure that while you are waiting for another area of money to open up, this bridges the gap to make sure that you’re able to sustain yourself in your company and focus on your present jobs.

Help to Scale Your Business and Expand

Let’s say for example you’re having a very big holiday party and you have a lot of orders to process with your business, all at the same time. You’re having a very big client coming in to visit your city and office in a few months, but you have to get through the holiday season, or a peak season. With your business bridging finance loan, you can hire all the temporary staff that you need to ensure that everything flows smoothly and you’re able to get your client orders out. This happens on a daily basis and this is an area where sometimes businesses that are smaller may or may not be able to grow and expand into a larger scale. Sometimes, they are not able to sustain themselves because they don’t have the liquidity where they need it, or they haven’t allocated enough money for overhead costs, labor, fees and expenses, but you can use a business bridging loan for these purposes.

If you have any questions or you’re ready to apply for a business bridging finance loan, contact us today and we can help you set up the terms and agreements and discuss any questions you might have about your new loan. Let us bridge the gap for you!